One material, one method.

LOVE ONE is a project that sees thorough all process of manufacturing from beginning to end.

In recent years, mass production has become the norm, making it increasingly difficult to produce products on smaller scale. More often than not, products are finalised leaving even the designers in the dark, unaware and uninvolved in the whole process. We do understand that this shift in style is the result of repeated optimization in manufacturing, and is part of the evolution process. We have no intentions of denying its advantages. However, here, at LOVE ONE, we choose to opt for a slightly different apporoach, a more flexible and mobile way of production.

As one approach, we have decided to limit our usage of material and factory to one. In doing so, it enables us to create products as if we are continuously cutting pieces of textile from cloth. We also minimize storage risks.

We are hoping that many designers can relate deeply to the process of manufacturing through our project, LOVE ONE.


November. 2009